Love (3D) – OmU

A dance work in the image & setting of film art. Capturing film with dance. A choreographic research about the performativity of film art on stage. A documentary performance about LOVE.

Love (3D) – OmU documents on stage through performance various considerations of film production and cinematography i.e. the zooming, focus adjustment, frame per second feature, hand camera, action, montage-editing technics, colour grading, visual effects, title&credits, film-music. Within this context it adapts to and adopts the image and marketing of film. 




Concept & Choreography : Enis Turan
Performance : Sophie Guisset, Enis Turan, Diana Treder, Sooyeon Kim, Amanda Romero

With the support of Filmgestalten UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and the Equality Commission at the University for Music and Dance Cologne.

Logotype 04 Final    tmp_gleichstellung_1080

Photo by Manuel Kinzer

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