Beauty & the Beast


A queertopia, where “beauty” and “beast” no longer exist.

Inspired by the freak shows in the 19th century Beauty & the Beast twists and dissolves normality and norms of existing in 21st century. In the delusion of influence by social streams, social media, politics, the gender-binary and the excessive load of labels and boxes but keeping the privilege of living in a  democracy and in liberty, how free are we really? On the fine line between parody and honesty and the dissolution of these, a queertopia is created in which the subversive potential of freak nature reveals the meaninglessness of the norm construct.

A staging. A deconstruction. A personal manifestation. A reflection. A freak-show. The (Re-)search to unite the beauty and the beast in one. A body of unification and transgression. A fusion of parody and sincerity. A transcendency. A queer anthem to freedom and individuality. The liminality, where “beauty” and “beast” do no longer exist.


Concept & Choreography: Enis Turan

Performance: Enis Turan, Anke Schwarzer

Text: Lady Gaga, Enis Turan


Photo by Iris Duvekot






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