XOXO coming out @ Kampnagel next week!

K3 Tanzplan Hamburg

What does it mean to be close to someone? Insecurity, excitement and doubt sometimes stand in the way of the desire to explore other bodies. Far away from sexualized images on the Internet, XOXO asks what it means to desire another body and encourages self-determined exchange of feelings.


Join us..

14./15./16.11.2019 – Kampnagel P1

05./06./07.12.2019 – fabrik Potsdam

30./31.01. & 01.02.2020 – tanzhaus nrw


Concept&Choreography: Sebastian Matthias
Co-Coregraphy & Performance: Rachell Bo Clark, Enis Turan, Maciek Sado
Music: Hang Linton
Text: Mila Pavicevic with Rachell Bo Clark, Hang Linton, Sebastian Matthias, Maciek Sado, Enis Turan
Dramaturgy: Mila Pavicevic
Set&Costume: Johanna Mårtensson
Photo: Thies Rätzke


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